Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Random eBay Tips

One thing I used to like to do on eBay is Feature something, that way I'd be on the front pages of the search until my acution ended. As far as I can tell, they don't offer Feature anymore. I need to revisit that and see what's up. So, with that said, it will now be more important for me than ever to make sure I list everyday. That way you won't just get lost in the pages for the bulk of your auction listing. This way you'll show on the newer pages, the inbetween pages, and now at the end of the pages too. A WAY better chance of being looked at. Also trying different times of the day will also be a good thing. There is a way to prelist your auctions and set the times and dates. You may want to schedule them all for the week all at once. It costs a hair more to schedule an auction I think. Maybe like 5 or 10 cents.

If you don't have a feedback rating yet, go buy something and if the seller doesn't leave you feedback within a reasonable amount of time, you can feel free to follow up with them and tell them you are trying to build up your ebay feedback rating and would appreciate it if they leave you feedback. Don't even try to be a seller with no feedback rating by your name. Your buyers need to know that you've successfully conducted business either way and that makes you more real and trustworthy.

It is against eBay policy to put a link to your website on the auction listing page. Well, it's ok if it is for more information, but if it linked to a page where you have the same item or like items for sale, they suspend your auction. You can have a link to your site on your About Me page. I got my auction suspended for just having a link to my homepage a long time ago, so I haven't put any links in since. I also haven't revisited their policy about this since then and it has been years. This may have changed.

I like to use Buy It Now as an option in my auction listing. Let's the impatient ones like me just get what I want without waiting for it. Costs about 10cents more per listing and the value of the Buy It Now needs to be at least 10% higher than your Auction price.

I'll send more tips later. Gotta run! Hope this helps. Also, I've never used eBay stores, so I don't have any expertise there. Worth looking into though I'm sure.