Monday, March 17, 2008

The Dragon's Lair

These pictures show an entry we did recently for a juried competition. I did the mosaic work and put it all together and Scott did the glass work. We didn't get into the competition, but our jury scores were not bad. I agree with their comments. One comment was that the background colors were too much like the pieces and therefore the glass items did not "pop". I agree. We scrambed to get this together in time for the deadline and did our best with what we had and what we could do at the time. It is still fun though and I wanted to show it to you anyway.

We are having plumbing issues at our house today, grrrr. Scott went to rent a snake. After that gets fixed, Scott will be working on tools and beads. We hope to get a couple more bead auctions up on eBay tonight, but we'll see how today goes. Happy St. Patrick's Day! I just might have to go buy a couple cans of Guiness so we can toast tonight.
I have added 11 new focals to the bead store today.


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