Monday, April 14, 2008

Northwest Bead Retreat at Frantz Art Glass

Mike Frantz - A character that you just gotta love.

Donna Galstad's Demo. Silver Core Bead Methods With and Without Bead Caps.

Yummy seafood lunch.

We had a great time this weekend at the 1st annual Northwest Bead Retreat at Frantz Art Glass in Shelton, WA. It was an event for the Northwest ISGB chapter. I (Monica) got to go to some of the demos! We didn't get a lot of pictures because I had the two kids with me most of the time and Scott did a demo on Saturday. I wish I could have seen it. Scott said he had some nice reactions and enthusiasm. I always knew that if others could see Scott work they would be amazed. The tool system he has invented is amazing and his talent as a glass artist is equally amazing. Can you tell I'm proud. Good job Scott. I really am proud of you. It is nice of you to want to share what you know and have learned with others and share the tools so you can help others continue to do what they love.

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