Monday, February 8, 2010

Translation Software

So, I got an e-mail from Spain today that was just not making any sense to me. Yes, broken English I can usually understand pretty well, but I was just not getting this one. Here it is.

"Good Evenings, I wanted to know the price of the Deluxe Electric Mandrel Spinner and that baboon uses or if they can use different sizes."

I thought and thought about this and just decided to revisit it later. When I did, I solved the communication mystery. I thought to myself, isn't there a monkey called a Mandrel? I looked into it and there is, but it is spelled Mandrill. Anyway, they were asking about mandrel sizes for the spinner and the translation software changed the word to Baboon!! I thought that was funny and wanted to share the story.


Anonymous said...

Pretty good detective work Scott! Too funny!

Clr Patricia Ugo said...

Translation is not an easy task.You did pretty well;good for you!If you need help next time,just ask.

Bearfoot Art said...

Thanks you two!

Alok said...

is there any website or software that if you type in words a voice will say them???

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