Sunday, June 26, 2011

My Goal and Online Marketing System

The trick is for me to make this easy for the both of us. Those who want to view new work and me who needs to get it up and online so it can be available to you. I have tried various ways over the years and this new system will likely need some tweaking as well, but so far it's looking good and I'm pretty darn excited about it. First however, this is a photo of the new jewelry I made today for restocking the shop. These will not go up online, but I wanted to show you what I've been up to anyway. I will show you the PrintScreen images below that I was referring to in my post from a couple of days ago.

These images below show what the home pages of my new "system" look like. Links for these are also available on the top of the page of each page on our website. The first step of my plan which is maybe one I will revise, is to upload my new item photos to Flickr and create almost daily "sets" of photos. That way I can have a copy and pasteable link to a set of photos. Great for sharing on Facebook and Twitter, but my as of yet untested hope is to post them as a slideshow on my blog so I don't have to add each photo separately. From there my blog autoposts to Facebook that I updated my blog and then from there my Facebook autoposts to our Twitter page. I especially like that in Flickr and in this blog, I can add Labels/Keywords/Tags to each set of photos or posts. Always good for getting "found" "out there". I will also post each of Scott's new videos that he posts to Our YouTube on the blog which will start the Facebook to Twitter post sharing. So, it will be up to you where you want to sign up to receive notification of our new work, new tools, and new videos. I will also still send out my monthly email newsletter, but with 910 subscibers and only averaging 300ish "opens", I feel there is room for improvement in getting my info out to those who are intersted. My intention in sharing all of this is to also show other artists out there how I market online and perhaps that can help you decide how you'll go about maketing your own work on the internet. I will be testing this system tomorrow. The only really untested part is the Flickr slideshow to Blogger. This was kind of a "techy" post too. Bear with me if this is of no interest to you. I'm sure you'll find other things interesting that I will post in future. Well, I hope you do anyway. :o) Ciao, Monica

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