Friday, June 24, 2011

PrintScreen Is My New Best Friend

So, this post turned a little more techy that I had planned, so bear with me. I will have the occasional techy day, oh yes, I will, but this blog will not be techy land where I go on and on. I think it will vary quite a bit each day and share all kinds of different things and new inventory of course. I plan to make some colorful lampwork bracelets over the weekend, but for now I just wanted to introduce you to my new best friend. It's one of those things that perhaps the majority of you already use and love, but for me, well, I just found out how great it is. And if you haven't been using it, I thought I'd share how it has been helping me. What is it you ask? Well, it's PrintScreen. That magic little button found on the top right hand side of my keyboard that says PrtSc. I used it in my last newsletter and on my newly re-designed website. My first picture is an image made directly from PrtSc. In fact the rest of the photos in this post are captured that way. The first image shows how I pushed the PrtSc button and then went to my photo editing program (PaintShop Pro) and then pressed Ctrl V (for Paste) and a new image came up of that looks exactly like the screen I just captured and in fact the image is of decent size too. (1280x800). I then rename it and save it as a .jpeg.

The second image shows the next step if you want to zoom in. I am using Internet Explorer so I'm not the one to know how it works on other browsers. Anyway, go the top right hand corner and find the word Page. Click on that and from the dropdown, choose Zoom and at what percent. 100% is normal. The second image shows you the drop down menu.

The third image shows me zoomed in at 400%.

Then again at 200%.

The final picture is 50%.

I just thought this was cool and helpful to use in blogs, facebook entries, creating graphics, and other things like that. These technical posts will be likely few and far between for me, but I wanted to share this as a part one of tomorrow's post which I will be showing more examples and explaining more about my new online marketing system.

Today I conquered Mt. St. Laundry and ran a million errands. Scott making a platform hideout for the boys in our huge hedge was the highlight of the night. I'll post a pic when complete and then again when we "Shangri La" it with white Christmas lights. See you tomorrow. Monica, otherwise known as Mo.

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